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From camping to fishing at the lake to family vacations, Grunt Style’s Overwatch Hoodies are built with UV-blocking and moist-wicking material, they are perfect for all your outdoor adventures!

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UPF Protective Shirts

Grunt Style’s newest Overwatch Hoodie is the ultimate shirt to throw on for all your summertime activities. Our hooded long-sleeve shirts are designed with special UPF protection to block exposure to harmful UV rays from reaching your skin. Our hooded shirts also offer moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable, cool, and dry while outdoors, making this the ultimate fishing shirt. Grunt Style’s Overwatch hooded long-sleeve shirt for men is perfect for outdoor activities or fishing, offering protection from the elements. Its durable design ensures it will last, while the quick-drying fabric will ensure you stay cool and dry in the summer heat. The Overwatch Hoodie is the all-in-one solution for any outdoor adventure. Its lightweight fabric and UPF protection will keep you safe in the sun, while the moisture-wicking fabric will keep you cool and dry for those hot summer days. Whether you're fishing, hiking, or lounging in the sun, the Overwatch Hoodie has got you covered.