How To Adjust Your Groove Belt™

1. To loosen the belt, just hold the buckle with the excess portion of the belt facing you. Then give that belt a good ol’ tug with a little elbow grease behind it. (The tight tension is one of the key designs so that you don’t have to keep adjusting it!)


2. To tighten your Groove Belt™, just do step 1 in reverse...kinda. Hold the buckle and pull the excess toward you. Continue these steps until you’ve reached your desired length and then sling this bad boy around your waist!


3. Pro tip: Use your keeper loop to hold the excess webbing. You won’t even notice it!


4. For those of you who are blessed with small waistlines, here’s how to trim down your belt:

Put the belt around your waist and adjust to the appropriate size.

Leave at least 6 inches of excess before you make your cut! Cut straight across the tip of the belt, on the side that does not have the magnetic connector. This will be the open end. We recommend making small cuts first, so that you don’t cut off too much.


5. Once you’ve done that, cut the same area again at a 45-degree angle to help it fit through your loop easier.


6. Finally, take a lighter and singe the end of the freshly cut belt to harden it and get rid of excess. After you’ve done that, rub the singed end on a hard and flat surface to even it out.