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Do you need a men's or women's fit? We accomodate all veterans and patriots at Club Grunt Style to show your pride, no matter who or where you are. No worries, all Club shirts are covered under the beer guarantee!

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You've given us the mission, now let us attack it with surgical precision. When you're a Club Grunt Style member, you don't have to worry about extra shipping costs. In fact, you will get free shipping on all Grunt Style Orders!

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Here's the moment. You're now a part of the family and it's time to show America who you are! You're a true American patriot, now wearing the most exclusive, patriotic gear that money can buy - and this we'll defend!

Holy sweet flying f*ck! Why is it now after a year and a half of buying the best sh*t to dress my ugly patriotic beer drinking gun toating a** that I'm finding out about this? Sign me up yesterday!

Grunt Style shirts feel about as American as tongue kissing a bald Eagle in a Walmart parking lot on the 4th of July. And they look just as good.

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