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Janae Sergio

Janae Sergio, Navy Veteran, is the Best-Selling Author of Perfectly Flawed: A Veteran's Journey from Homeless to Hero.  She was amongst the first group of service members to be forward deployed aboard the USS John C Stennis one month after the 9/11 attacks to kick off Operation Enduring Freedom. Prior to being sent to war, Janae was no stranger to facing the unknown as that’s exactly what she had to do when she was dropped off at a homeless shelter at the young age of sixteen where she spent the next two and a half years avoiding attempts to lure her into drug addiction and the sex trafficking industry.  By embracing the victor mindset Janae became the hero she always needed. Through her story, Janae has been committed to giving back to the very community she rose from. She dedicates her social media platforms to fiercely advocate for those affected by MST/MDV and other issues within the military community.

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