Tailgating with Grunt Style


Tailgating at a football game is more than just a pre-game ritual; it's a cherished tradition where friends and family come together to celebrate their team while enjoying great food, drinks, and camaraderie. From cheering on your favorite team in the NFL to College Football to Friday Night Lights - if you want to ensure your tailgate is a success, it's essential to come prepared with the best supplies. Here's a list of the top things to bring to a football tailgate:

1. Grill and Utensils: A portable grill is the heart of any tailgate. Burgers, hot dogs, and grilled veggies taste better when cooked on-site. Don't forget the grilling utensils like tongs and spatulas and a Grunt Style grilling shirt to ensure that everyone knows you’re the MASTER.

Grilling Shirt

I'd Smoke That T-Shirt 


2. Cooler: Keep your beverages cold with a spacious cooler filled with ice packs. This is crucial for refreshing drinks throughout the day, save yourself time from clean up time by pouring straight into a reusable party cup or stainless steel tumbler with a badass patriotic Grunt Style design! Not only will this ensure that you minimize your waste, but also you’re drinks will stay icy cold until the big game! 

Patriotic Cups

30 Ounce Stainless Steel Tumblers 


3. Tailgate Games: Cornhole, ladder toss, and frisbees are classic tailgating games that keep everyone entertained between quarters. Make your mark on the competition and have fun with friends along the way. Get creative and find new ways to turn up the heat!

4. Comfortable Seating: Folding chairs, cushions, or even a picnic blanket can provide comfortable seating options for your group. From bundling up on cold days to sitting out enjoying plates of tailgate food - the Woobie Blanket will be your go-to!



5. Team Spirit Gear: Show your team spirit with jerseys, flags, banners, and face paint. Decking out in team colors enhances the tailgate experience, but no matter what the team - the best colors to show off will always be the Red, White, and Blue! Show your love for your favorite team AND the great USA!

American Flag

 The Oath American Flag


6. Sunscreen and Shade: Protect yourself from the elements with sunscreen, hats, and a pop-up canopy for shade on the long tailgating days. Based off our personal experience, just because the weather starts to cool down, does not mean that the sun looses any of it’s strength! Get protected in patriotic hats from Grunt Style!


Remember, the best tailgates are all about having fun and creating memorable experiences with fellow patriots. By bringing these essential items, you'll be well-prepared to enjoy game day to the fullest.


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