Grunt Style Merges with Irreverent Warriors

Grunt Style Merges with Irreverent Warriors

In a significant development within the veteran support community, Grunt Style has announced its acquisition of Irreverent Warriors, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing veteran suicide through camaraderie-building events. This move marks a monumental step in expanding the reach and impact of veteran support services.

Grunt Style, founded in 2009, has since risen to prominence with its patriotic-themed apparel and pro-veteran content. The mission has always been about more than just clothing; each piece is intended to reflect positive American and veteran cultures. This acquisition is borne of easy math, as Irreverent Warriors are known for the organizing of "Silkie Hikes" where veterans march in combat boots and silkies, also known as ‘ranger panties’ (basically hot pants for the military) to foster brotherhood and support those veterans facing their own struggles post service.

The acquisition is more than a business move; it's a strategic expansion into the realm of direct veteran support and advocacy. Grunt Style has an opportunity to utilize its vast resources and marketing reach so that Irreverent Warriors' initiatives can gain significantly enhanced visibility and impact, which is sorely needed within the community at large. The Grunt Style Foundation and their President, Tim Jensen, believes mental health and wellness are paramount. “No veteran should ever go without proper support and resources to assist them with their military transition. Through this partnership, we are going to create a formidable network to reach more veterans across the United States to prevent another veteran suicide.”

Founded in 2015, Irreverent Warriors was born out of the need to address the serious issue of veteran suicide. Using humor and camaraderie to bring veterans together, creating a space where they can connect and support each other, IWs approach was one of a very few platforms which began with advocacy before having to build a platform independently. The Silkies Hikes, their flagship event, has only grown in popularity, growing to several nationwide events. 

The merger of these two organizations is expected to create a powerhouse of veteran advocacy and support, as the combined resources and personalities will likely result in more extensive programs, larger numbers of events, and wider mental health support initiatives. Veteran mental health has been a pressing issue for as long as veterans have existed, and with the Department of Veterans Affairs consistently reporting concerning statistics on veteran suicides, collaborations like this within the community are pivotal in addressing these challenges.

Cindy McNally, President and CEO of Irreverent Warriors said of the venture: "Grunt Style has been one of our biggest supporters both financially and logistically, for several years and it makes sense that we join forces. This relationship has benefited both organizations but more importantly, our core values and mission align so directly with the Grunt Style Foundation that this isn't just a merger, it will be a force multiplier. With our unconventional approach to healing and restoration, being a program of the Grunt Style Foundation will be instrumental in facilitating a more diverse impact and a far greater reach than either organization has had individually in the past."

The leadership of both organizations has outlined plans for the future, including expanding the Silkies Hikes to new locations, launching joint apparel lines, and developing programs that focus on mental health prevention and support. There are also talks of leveraging digital platforms to create virtual support communities, harnessing technology to reach veterans globally.

The acquisition is more than just a merging of two organizations; it is the uniting of two visions in order to forge a better future for veterans. As Grunt Style and Irreverent Warriors embark on this new patrol route, they carry with them the hopes and expectations of a community that stands together.