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Realtree Hunt Hoodie

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Grunt Style has partnered with Realtree in being the first and only apparel company to release their new camo pattern in 2017!

Realtree Edge™ allows hunters to extend their hunt into all types of terrain. Edge™ blends beyond belief into the smallest amount of cover available. In fact, it works pretty well with no cover at all. It’s the perfect camouflage for any open-country scenario but is incredibly effective in woody cover too. Edge™ truly opens up new hunting opportunities for hunters everywhere.

From all-day hunts to chilly evenings in the backyard, Grunt Style's RealTree Hoodie will keep you warm and comfortable. 100% polyester Fleece provides cozy warmth, and a kangaroo pocket keeps your hands toasty in cold weather. Drawcord hood offers additional protection from the elements.