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How do you put the broken back together when the unthinkable happens? You go in for routine surgery and wake up without a leg, you’re going about your life, and out of nowhere, everything changes in a second? Where do you go, what do you do? Enter ATF (Adaptive Training Foundation), in which you learn to become the person you want, not by your past but by your outlook of the future. Here, the broken become whole – and strength is found from within and without. ATF is more than just a gym – but a place of light and hope. We challenge you to watch and get involved today.

Community Hero

[com•mu•ni•ty he•ro] - noun

Any individual or group who unselfishly contributes to a greater good through their actions, determination, and influence to make a difference in their community and country.


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Tim V

Meet Tim Vasiliadis, an Army Veteran & Chicago Police Officer who grew up never wanting a normal 9-5 job. Tim wanted to leave his mark on this world, even if it was only a small imprint. As a child, Tim had dreams to join the U.S. Army to serve his country and become a Chicago Police Officer to protect his community.  He enlisted in the Army in 2011 and deployed to Afghanistan in support of GWOT as a .50 cal gunner while part of a special QRF team.

After his time overseas, he began to shift his focus on his second goal which was serving his community. Tim became a Chicago Police Officer witnessing first hand the harsh realities of his hometown. 

July 30, 2020 was a day of tragedy for Tim, he witnessed first hand his coworker and close friend get shot in the face at close distance,  soon after being shot at himself. Tim withdrew to take cover and returned fire while radioing for EMS simultaneously .

Due to Tim's experience in such roles, he was able to eliminate the threat while protecting his fellow officers. His performance resulted in saving the lives of those very men who still walk this earth today. For his actions he was awarded the Superintendent’s Award Of Valor, and rightfully so. We are honored to announce Tim as our First Defender of the Month for Operation Community 2022.

William S

William (Bill) Sahler was born and raised in Upstate New York, and originally considered joining the Marine Corp, but chose to attend the State University Of New York at Potsdam where he received his BA in Criminal Justice.  After Graduation he made the decision to Enlist into the Army 18X program and achieved the infamous Green Beret serving with U.S. Army Special Forces w/ 7th Group.

In 2011 Staff Sergent Sahler was deployed to Guatemala where he advised, mostly in Spanish, Guatemalan Special Operators to conduct special counter narcotic trafficking, counter gang, and counter terrorism measures.

In 2018, Sahler was deployed to Afghanistan, where his primary mission was to perform direct action operations against ISIS, Taliban, and other terrorist organizations. 

Now Staff Sergeant Sahler is transitioning and dealing with civilian life and has a new outlook on life. Over the years, he's dealt w/ injuries, helping friends struggling with their own issues, and discovered how similar his  situation was. His next goal is to connect with a Veteran Support group or foundation where he can help other struggling veterans. 

John E

We proudly introduce John, a Veteran of the Marine Corps, and evidence that the warrior spirit is not defined by our limb count but our spirit. John was medically retired from injuries which ultimately resulted in the amputation of his left leg -- and while some might wallow in self-pity or indulge in lengthy periods of self-doubt, John used the loss of his leg as the drive to push himself further than ever. It's a story of uncommon determination in the face of unusual challenges -- perhaps a story we should all take a lesson from. 

Jamie B

Meet Jamie, a true no-nonsense gung-ho lady who shows heroes come from all walks of life. A civilian, Jamie, tried to assist a vehicle off the side of the highway when a secondary car came flying off the road and struck her. She woke up in a hospital bed without her leg, and her whole life turned upside down. Within 72 hours, she was making business calls and working from her bed -- and while we can admire her steel spine, it takes hearing her story to understand a measure of the sort of courage it takes to take your life back. 


1. Share a picture of your Hero on social media using #operationcommunity

2. Tag Grunt Style’s page

3. Include a short bio of why this person is a Hero

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