Who is the hero in your community? Introducing Operation Community, in which we at Grunt Style highlight men and women fighting to make a difference. A Community Hero is an individual or group who unselfishly contributes to a greater good through their actions, determination, and influence to make a difference in their community and country. These are hard-chargers, life-changers, coaches and mentors, healers and volunteers who wake up every day and choose to make the world a better place. 

Is there someone you consider a hero in your life? Nominate them today and share their story with us. During Operation Community we will be highlighting the heroes from all walks of life. From teachers, medical professionals, truck drivers, law enforcement and everything in between, all working to lift their community. Nominate and share their stories today!

We have a hundred and one words to describe how they are all worthy of the title Hero -- instead, we will show you.