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Lexington, MA - April 19th, 1775. The day Americans said no more. No more monarchy, no more tyranny, no more getting pushed around. America would no longer be ruled by a king. With a single deafening crack from a musket, they made a stand, a statement, a PERIOD to end that chapter of submissiveness in history.

This is our first shot. The beginning of our revolution: to end foreign manufacturing. To bring outsourced jobs back to where they belong...America. The Lexington Collection is 100% designed and made by Grunt Style in the USA with imported fabrics, and this is just the beginning.

Our Lexington Collection Shirts are crafted with the following details:

  • Guaranteed for life. No questions asked!
  • 100% Cotton OR 65/35% Poly/Cotton
  • Center Back Pleat for extra shoulder and arm mobility
  • Double Back Dart for a Slimmer Fit
  • Contrast Interior Back Yoke and Cuffs with Grunt Style logos
  • Grunt Style logo buttons
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • Proudly Crafted in San Antonio, Texas