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GS Foundation

Mental Health & Wellness

20 years of America’s Global War On Terrorism has developed very unique healthcare demands for the American service member injured in these conflict. 30 percent of combat veterans of this era suffer from some sort of traumatic injury. Less than 50 percent of these veterans are treated, often leading to addictions, homelessness and suicide.

The Grunt Style Foundation is committed to providing veterans with the resources to live a life of mindfulness and positive thinking. We have partnered with organizations that provide these resources and other services focused on the health of our community.

Burn Pits 360

During the OEF and OIF wars, government contractors burned up to 227 metric tons of hazardous waste at forward operating bases using jet fuel in large ground pits. Items burned included: batteries, medical waste, amputated body parts, plastics, ammunition, human waste, animal carcasses, rubber, chemicals, & more. Exposure to these toxins have caused a traumatic impact on the lives of our service members and their families. Some of the devastating health conditions suffered by Veterans exposed include: neurological disorders, pulmonary diseases, rare forms of cancer, and many unexplained symptoms. There have been thousands of deaths resulting from the invisible wounds of war.

Services Offered

Hope House

A 3 month alternative medicine practice that utilizes hyperbaric chambers. A private, in-home assessment that will provide a multipage explanation of the toxic chemicals in your body and where they most likely came from.

Irreverent Warriors

The MISSION of Irreverent Warriors is to bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide. The VISION of Irreverent Warriors is to be the force that unites the Veteran community and drives a healthy culture within its members. Through creative engagements, events, and strong Veteran-based support networks, we will be known as the catalyst for improving the Veteran outlook. We will be the most effective Veteran community in the United States.

Services Offered

Silkies Hikes for Veterans all over the world.

Volunteer Opportunities

Supporters and Patriots are encouraged to volunteer at the hikes!

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