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Grunge Flag Bottle

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Do you think we should still drink from the skulls of our enemies? We can’t say that is very sanitary but if you want the next best option, look no further. This bottle is made right here in the USA of 100% recyclable, U.S. sourced aluminum.  Here’s the cool part… it can hold up to 50 psi of your favorite beer for up to 14 days and keep it fresh. Who the hell saves beer that long though?!  Here’s some other cool points for you to know since we’ve sparked your interest:

-Food grade/ FDA approved, inks and powder coatings

-BPA and EA material Free

-Hand wash only (Quit complaining and wash your gear like our forefathers did. If you’re too damn lazy then ask your mom)

- Proudly Made in the U.S.A by grunts, and their friends and family



24 oz.