Celebrating Heroes - Jack Jacobs and Adam Marr

Celebrating Heroes - Jack Jacobs and Adam Marr

At Grunt Style, we support those who serve, not just on Veterans Day, but every day of the year. Throughout history, American men and women have pushed themselves physically and mentally to defend everything our great nation stands for.

This year, to honor this special occasion, we have the privilege of featuring two extraordinary veterans who have not only served our country with distinction but continue to inspire and lead within our veteran communities.

Colonel Ret. Jack Jacobs –  Medal of Honor Recipient  

Colonel Ret. Jack Jacobs' story is one of extraordinary bravery and service. In a powerful episode of the American Grit Podcast, we were honored to host Colonel Jacobs, who served for 22 years in the United States Army. His service was recognized at the highest level when he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his acts of valor during the Vietnam War in 1968.

Colonel Jacobs shares not just stories of combat heroics, but also his dedication to mentoring the youth and providing deep insights into the essence of leadership. The lessons he carries from the battlegrounds of Vietnam remain relevant today, both in defense strategies and political discourse. Colonel Jacobs represents the enduring spirit of American perseverance, and his episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand the true price of freedom.

Medal of Honor Recipient
Tim Jensen and Colonel Ret. Jack Jacobs 


Adam Marr – Veteran Mental Health Coalition

Adam Marr, a former U.S. Army Apache pilot, is dedicated to the well-being of his fellow veterans. With a decade of service, including tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, Adam brings to light the often unseen battles that veterans face after service – the battle for mental health.

Inspired by his brother's traumatic brain injury, Adam co-founded the Warrior Angels Foundation, which provides assistance to veterans seeking effective treatments. His tireless advocacy has not gone unnoticed; his involvement in Texas House Bill 1802 and the Veteran Mental Health Leadership Coalition underscores his commitment to supporting transformative treatments like psychedelic-assisted therapy for conditions such as PTSD and depression. Adam’s vision is a veterans' community united in pursuit of healing and change, and we're honored to select him as Grunt Styles Featured Veteran of 2023.

Veteran Mental Health Coalition
Tim Jensen and Adam Marr

The Impact of Featured Veterans

The stories of Jack Jacobs and Adam Marr embody the indomitable spirit of American veterans. They are not only heroes of past conflicts but torchbearers leading the way for veteran support and advocacy. Grunt Style's Featured Veteran campaign aims to shine a light on veterans who continue to serve as leaders, mentors, and entrepreneurs in civilian life. These men and women stand as beacons of inspiration, showcasing the myriad ways in which the American warfighter continues to contribute to our society long after the uniform is retired.

As we reflect on the sacrifices made by all our veterans, let us draw inspiration from Colonel Jacobs and Adam Marr, who continue to uphold the values of our nation with every endeavor they undertake. This Veterans Day, we encourage everyone to listen to their stories, learn from their experiences, and support the initiatives that improve the lives of those who have served.